our gondola

what is a gondola?

A gondola is a platform/cradle suspended from the top of a building or high wall and can be raised or lowered with the aid of two drive motor units.

It is also known as a suspended scaffold and is a an ideal means to access buildings and allows works to be carried out at height.

Temporary Gondola drawing
User inside gondola 
Gondola or suspended scaffold from height at HDB
Gondola Motor
Gondola Wire Rope
Wire Ropes
Worker inside Rental Gondola



Reliable, safe, easy to use and maintain.


Modular and come in different sizes to meet customers' needs due to different site requirements.

multiple applications

Can be used at hotels, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, schools, condominiums, Housing Development Board (HDB) flats, lift shafts and shipyards etc.

Use Our Gondolas with A Piece of Mind

Gondola Supervisor at construction site

Our experienced Gondola Supervisor on site to check on installation and safety compliance

Gondola Supervisor Discussion with Engineer
Project Engineer and Gondola Supervisor reviewing technical drawings
Gondola Supervisor at construction site

Our Project Engineer and Gondola Supervisor inspecting the installation of our gondolas, always ensuring safety regulations are adhered to.

Gondola Worker in Safety PPE
Our gondola rigger in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

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