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general builder LICENSE

We have attained Class 1 of the General Builder License, issued by Building Construction Authority (BCA).

It allows us to carry out building works (of unlimited value) where plans are required to be approved by the Commissioner of Building Control.

General Builder License Master Plan

Building Works

Some of the building works we can carry out with the General Builder License include:

  • Alteration & Addition (A&A) Works
  • Covered Linkway
  • Civil works such as drain, car park pavement, walkway pavement

Interior Fit-Out and Design

We also have experience in Interior Fit Out and Design. Our clients have engaged us for:

  •  Project Management
  •  Design Conceptualization and Development
  •  Procurement , Fabrication, Installation, and Implementation (Associate partners with specialist vendors/ suppliers)
  • Reinstatement Works

Alteration and Addition Works

A&A Works
A&A Works

Interior fit-out and design

Interior Design
AE Pte Ltd
Phillip Morris
Mackenzie Investment (including reinstatement works)
Interior Design
Trina Solar (including reinstatement works)

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