Hock Keng Heng Pte Ltd (“HKH”) was established in 1977 arising from the needs of the construction industry in those times. 

Back then, most Singaporeans had to move from villages (known locally as “kampungs”) to government flats. To build these high-rise flats, contractors needed access equipment to work at height and therefore the demand for gondolas was born.

HKH specializes in the sales and rental of gondolas. We have been a key player and market leader with more than 40 years of experience and expertise in the supply and installation of gondolas. 

Gondola Team

Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

To make Hock Keng Heng the preferred choice in the related industries and partnering our valued customers by Reaching Greater Heights. 

Our Mission:

Aim to be the leading gondola provider by contributing valuable expertise, quality service and competitive prices with an emphasis on safety as our priority.

Our Facilities

We have our own manufacturing factory and facilities in Singapore for fabrication and customization.  

Our Team

Our team comprises of management and technical people with decades of experience to meet the discerning needs of our customers.

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Some Members of The Team

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